For investors, we offer:

  • » access to the best projects selected – we endeavour to make sure that our investors are the first ones to be presented with the projects, way before they are released into the market, and are exclusive owners of those projects at the stage of making their investment decisions.
  • » the opportunity to build a diverse portfolio of investments – depending on their preferences or involvement in many projects (diversified strategy), or focus on a specific industry (focused strategy). As the result of the co-operation of all Business Angels, each investor has the opportunity to build their own investment ecosystem.
  • » access to investment best practices – our extensive experience and contacts in the area of investing at both local and global level. We offer the opportunity for using and sharing them as well as for contributing their own added value.
  • » co-investments with international players – on behalf of individual investors, venture capital funds, private equity, business angel networks or financial institutions.
  • » spreading investment risk – CobinAngels network consists of participants in different investments, members of different businesses, representatives of many industries, who, when meeting to analyse a particular project, are capable to plan activities is such a manner as to minimize the risk. In addition, it is often that within one project an internal group of investors is established, thus reducing the excessive investment exposure of only one Angel.
  • » exchange of valuable information and keeping abreast with business trends – from all sides, from various areas, in many aspects (markets, law, trends, etc.)