Our Network is not only the process of matching investors and originators. Around us we systematically develop a favorable surrounding of people, companies and organizations, which foster investing in start up projects, and – in certain circumstances – contribute to reducing the risk of their failure.

The CobinAngels ecosystem includes three elements::

  • » Financing
    (individual and corporate investors plus the ability to create instruments, which finance start up projects)
  • » Markets
    (access to local and global markets through individual partners or entities and opening those markets for the launched start up projects)
  • » Technologies
    (access – through brand experts or specialized entities – to global technological projects and to people able to build business projects)

For each of the above mentioned areas there is a separate dedicated advisor, which belongs to the CobinAngels Council. This advisor guarantees the high quality and the effectiveness of the undertaken actions.

We believe, that an ecosystem defined in such a way favors launching new start up projects. The originators, together with the investors, may take benefit from the CobinAngels surrounding or take up building the start up on their own.