CobinAngels network comprises a group of people who are investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, company board members as well as individuals from different walks of life (e.g. sports, culture, business). It is also a group of people with broad horizons and open minds, extensive life and professional experience, inter-disciplinary knowledge and international contacts. Owing to the synergy between these factors, we launch start-up projects with high growth potential.

A common feature of all the Business Angels in our Network is the will to multiply financial capital through start up projects. Often, such an investor takes part in the project by sharing his or her experience, industry knowledge and business relations, which are useful for building a start up company. This way he or she becomes an active participant of the entire project. An Angel engaged in a project, may count on the support of other co-investors of the Network, who can help by co-financing the project and providing other needed resources.

The Advisor For the Development of the Network, who belongs to the CobinAngels Council, is responsible for the relationships with the current and the future Business Angels in the Network.