The start up projects may be in one of the four following stages of development:

  • 1) there is no prototype / model / service / product yet and the works in this field are in progress
  • 2) there is a prototype / model / service / product and its final version is being developed
  • 3) final version already exists and it needs to be introduced into the market
  • 4) introducing into the local or global market is already in progress

CobinAngels prefers projects, which are in stage 3 or 4. Projects, which are in other stages of development are taken into consideration after an individual analysis of the situation.


We are interested in projects from the following sectors:

  • » technology (electronics, healthcare, life sciences, environment, energies, cleantech, chemicals, materials)
  • » telecommunications (mobile communications, e-learning, m-health, data transmission)
  • » engineering (aviation, aerospace, automotive)
  • » pharmaceutical (pharmaceuticals, biotech, nutraceuticals, treatments)
  • » information technology (software, hardware, services)

as well as projects from the traditional areas of the market with high growth potential.

Geographical scope

Within the Network we organize projects from the EU, USA, China, India, South Korea, Brazil, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other locations.

Number of projects

CobinAngels presents minimum 18 project per year to the investors. Advisors For Technology and Projects, who belong to the Council of our Network, are responsible for the organization of the projects.

Rate of return

Investors invest their own money and time in projects with a rate of return of 20% – 30% per annum, with value ranging from PLN 100,000 to 2 000,000. Projects requiring lower / higher levels of investment are considered subject to individual analysis.